Guinness “Twins”

This inspiring advert, part of the Guinness ‘Made of More’ campaign, features the Barnes Twins and lets you be part of their Sochi Olympic Games Story. Both sisters are US bi-athletes, competing for their last games. Tracey Barnes qualified but her twin Lanny became ill and could not compete to qualify. The advert unfolds to show Tracey giving up her place for her sister. This advert is heart-warming, touching and most importantly a true story.

The advert is simple, using a black and white image of the sisters as the background, yet it is powerful. The story unfolds by using repeated text, emphasising the bond between the twins. The mood is set with the moving music, designed to make you connect to their story. The Guinness logo is not shown until the end of the advert, with the aim of the consumer aligning the inspirational story to the representation of the Guinness brand.

However, due to the US Olympic Committee rules, the advert could only be shown for a single day. The advert was not allowed on TV slots, billboards or online advertisements due to featuring Team USA members and the Guinness brand not being an official sponsor of the games (Budweiser was the official sponsor).

Emotion provoking adverts have been linked to enhanced memory and judgement (Friestad and Thorson, 1986). Emotional messages create stronger memory and more positive judgements, which could increase the sales of the campaign.

Although the advert was shown for a brief amount of time, it is still a powerful advert. The official sponsors of the Games have used the rules and regulations to eliminate competition and to make money. The irony is that the Guinness Twin advert highlights an act of selflessness and this captures what the Olympic spirit is all really all about.



Friestad, M., & Thorson, E. (1986). Emotion-Eliciting Advertising: Effects on Long Term Memory and Judgement. Advances in Consumer Research, 13(1), 111-116.


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