Google Chrome: Dear Sophie – Emotion better than humour?

Dear Sophie was part of the Google campaign “The web is what you make of it” and it consists of a father using Google products to create a 21st century electronic scrapbook for his daughter to see when she is older. This inspiring advert sets the emotional mood by showing Sophie’s biggest life moments so far, such as the day she was born and the arrival of a new sibling.

(Please not that I do not own/nor claim to own this video)

The emotional mood is enhanced by the uplifting background music of a piano and violin, capturing the target audience of young fathers and families. The simple, although hugely emotion-oriented, advert lets you feel as though you are being let into the developing story of Sophie.

What worked? The advert aimed to motivate the use of Google products, such as Google Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and Picasa. The advert cleverly introduces a number of these products throughout the video, without harsh promotion that would otherwise detract from the emotional story. The written language in the emails is emotion provoking and catalogues the ‘big moments’ in Sophie’s life, many of which parents could relate to.

The advert was clearly effective, as public comments under the YouTube video of the advert showed parents were creating their own electronic scrapbooks using Google software, even though users found that they could only create a Google account for their children aged 13 and above, in line with Google’s policy. This limitation, however, did not put people off from finding a way round this issue and continuing to use Google to create their electronic scrapbooks.

The effectiveness of the advert was in the use of an interactive tour of Google, highlighting the ease of use, even for busy parents. This inspiring and heart-warming advert suggests that emotion, not humour, can bring people closer and positively associate with a brand.


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