Honda Cog – A creative success advertising story

The ‘Honda Cog’ advert used car components to create a chain reaction, resulting in the new Honda ‘Accord’ car being revealed. Minimal computer-generated imagery was used, the advert was manually created, with the aim of it generating more appeal to the target audience. The advert was launched onto television at time slots to target males, car lovers and families, with the advert being commonly shown during high profile sporting events. The ‘Honda Cog’ was hugely successful both financially and influentially. So what worked?

(Please note that I do not own/nor claim to own this video)

The adverts success included the interactive, attention-capturing nature. You are eased into the sale through the progression of the domino-like sequence, with subtle hints of the cars new features and technological advances, until the end when the car is unveiled. The seamless link between the interactions of car parts makes it fascinating to watch for all ages.

At the time it was made, this advert was classed as unique, it did not conform to the advertising style at the time it was produced and the campaign was led. This generated interest and other car companies later used this interactive technique. The advert was very successful, with 10,000 people requesting a brochure after watching the advert. There was also high demand for DVD copies.

However, the advert does have its weaknesses. The ‘Honda Cog’ advert cost £1 million to produce, a lot of money to spend, especially when it was part of a series of two other adverts in a £6 million campaign. The advert was also very time-consuming to make, with 7 months production and 606 takes.

Overall, the ‘Honda cog’ was highly influential. Personally, from someone who is not an avid car fan, I watched the full 2 minute advert and it captured my interest and attention throughout. Honda as a company were trying to use the advert as a reflection of their cars, showing the high build quality and reliability.


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